Seedlings 2023


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I'm currently updating a few areas of the list--but you may order now and I'll notify you if anything you've selected requires attention.

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All seedlings come in 4-packs at $7/4-pack.  We have many mixed 4-packs designed for home gardeners who want to maximize variety in a small garden.

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Picking up pre-orders at the farm


Annual Sale at the farm--a little different this year...

Selected varieties are available for purchase at the North Plain Farm store on Rt. 41 near the Great Barrington/Housatonic border from dawn til dusk, self-serve (venmo, paypal, cash and checks accepted).

Selected varieties of our plants are also available at The Berkshire Coop


Collections/Variety Packs/Mixy Mixes

Immediately below are some of our most popular mixed variety 4-packs for quick ordering. These mixed packs give home gardeners maximum diversity with varieties in a small space--ie you don't have to buy four different 6-packs in order to try four different kinds of tomatoes. 

These mixed packs are designed to represent a diversity of color, taste, and when possible, maturity time, so that you'll always have something beautiful to look at and something to look forward to as the season unfolds. 

(Scroll down further for standard & non-mixy 4-packs)

Tomato Collections

Mixed tomato 4-packs, designed to represent a variety of color, shape, and maturity time.

LOOM 1 COLOR MIX: Features one each pink, purple, yellow/orange and green heirlooms.
LOOM 2 COLOR MIX:  With red, pink, purple, and yellow/orange heirlooms.

LOOM 3 RED MIX: Nepal, Box Car Willie, Mortgage Lifter, Pantano Romanesco

LOOM 4 PINK MIX: Rose de Berne, Brandywine, Pink Berkeley Tie Dye,  German Pink
LOOM 5 BLACK MIX: Cherokee Purple, Black Prince, Black from Tula, Paul Robeson
LOOM 6 YELLOW MIX: Striped German, Great White, Solar Flare, Copia
LOOM 7 GREEN MIX: Cherokee Green, Green Zebra, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Big Zebra

Heirloom tomato mix


TOM 1 HYBRID + LOOM MIX:  Two Big Beef hybrids and two colorful heirlooms
TOM 2 BIGS and LITTLES MIX: Two different large-fruited tomatoes and two different cherry tomatoes


CHERRY MIX: Supersweet 100 (red), Sungold (orange), Black Cherry (purple), White Cherry (very pale yellow)
STRIPEY CHERRY MIX: Purple Bumblebee (mahogony w/green striping), Sunrise Bumblebee (bi-color orange red), Isis Candy (many shades of yellow, gold and red), Green Zebra cherry (green w/amber striping)
GRAPE TOMATO MIX: A mix of red, yellow, pink, and "atomic" (red/green/blue/purple swirly!)


Grape tomato mix


PASTE/PLUM TOMATO MIX: San Marzano, Pink Icicle, Orange Icicle, Green Sausage

Plum tomato mix




Squash Patch

Two zukes, one summer squash, one patty pan

Cuke Patch

Two green slicers, one salt n pepper (pale yellow) cuke, and one lemon cuke

Green Salad

Mixed lettuces: red and green leaf, butterhead, and romaine

Beet Salad

Red, white, gold, and stripey beets!

Bean Salad (bush)

Mixy bush beans: green, dragon tongue, purple, yellow

Bean Salad (pole)

Mixy pole beans: green, purple, and red noodle (16" long!)

Basil Garden

Mixy green, purple, thai, and lemon basil

Cauliflower Garden

Cauliflower mix of green, orange, purple and white heads

Kale Salad

Mixy green curly, red curly, red russian and lacinato

Eggplant Patches 

Mixy mixy: 2 italian and 2 asian eggplant
Italian mixy: Purple, White, and Rosa Bianca (heirloom Italian)
Asian mixy: Purple and magenta eggplant
Mini mixy! Eggplant with mini white, purple, and stripey fruits.

Pepper Gardens 

Sweet Pepper Garden: Red, orange, yellow and purple bells
Sweet & Hot: 3 mixy bell peppers + one jalepeno pepper
Hot Hot: Jalepeno, Cayenne, Poblano, and Chinese 5 Color Hot

Melon Patch

One each pink watermelon, yellow watermelon, canteloupe & honeydew

Pumpkin Patch

Pie pumpkin, stripey pumpkin (Kakai), soup pumpkin (Long Island Cheese), and a stunning heirloom pumpkin (Rouge Vif D'Etampes)


Rouge Vif D'etampes pumpkin

Winter Squash Patch

Acorn, Delicata, Butternut, and Sunshine Kabocha

Standard 4-packs

Beans, Bush--fresh for salad or cooking

Bush beans, green
Bush beans, dragon tongue (pale yellow with purple streaks)

Beans, Pole--fresh for salad or cooking

Pole beans, green
Pole beans, purple
Pole beans, red noodle (16-20" long! burgundy color)

Bok Choy 

Full size bok choi, green
Baby red choi
Baby green choi
Choi salad: Mixed red and green baby bok


Broccoli, early season
Broccoli, sprouting, green

burgundy sprouting broccoli

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts, standard green


Green cabbage, early season

Red cabbage, early season

Cabbage salad: mixed red and green cabbage


Green Savoy Cabbage, midseason 
Red Savoy Cabbage, midseason

green savoy


Also see cauliflower garden option above.

White Cauliflower, early season


Bright lights swiss chard (multicolor)


Standard smooth-leaf collards


Also see cuke patch option above.

Green slicer cukes for fresh eating
Salt & Pepper blonde cuke for eating or pickling
Lemon cucumber blonde, round cuke for eating or pickling
Pickling cukes (standard small green picklers)
Striped Armenian cucumber (aka Painted Serpent, harvest from 8-18" long)

striped armenian cucumber


Also see several mixy eggplant options above.

Italian eggplant, standard (large purple fruits)

Italian eggplant, Paloma, white fruit, standard shape
Rosa Bianca Italian heirloom eggplant
Fairy Tale, purple & white mini eggplant
Purple Asian eggplant (long, skinny)
Green Asian eggplant (long, skinny)
Calliope Asian eggplant, small round purple & white

Basil & Culinary Herbs

Herbs are all started from seed at FGF, rather than grown out from plugs purchased from other nurseries. At the beginning of the season, perennials will be smaller than what you are used to seeing at commercial nurseries. 

See mixed basil garden above.

Basil, Genovese (green-leaf italian)
Basil, Opal (purple-leaf italian)
Basil, Lemon
Basil, Sweet Thai
Parsley, Italian Flat (parsley coming later)
Sage, Common
Thyme (thyme coming later!)


Also kale salad option above.

Green curly kale
Red curly kale

Red russian kale (flatter leaf with purple veins)

Lacinato (aka "dinosaur kale") 


Also see mixed lettuce pack option above.

4-pack green leaf lettuce (loose head)

4-pack red leaf lettuce (loose head)
4-pack romaine lettuce 
4-pack butterhead lettuce


Also see melon patch option above.

Pink watermelon
Yellow watermelon


White scallions 
Purple scallions

Peppers, Hot 

Also see sweet & hot + hot hot mixed pack options above.

Thai Chili
Chinese 5 Color mix (screaming hot rainbow of small hot pepps!)
Hot Cherry 
Shishitos   (technically hot but only 1 in 20 is hot, the rest are mild--great for grilling!)

chinese five color

Peppers, Sweet

Also see sweet pepper garden and sweet & hot mixes above.

Red bell
Orange bell
Purple bell
Yellow bell
Red frying pepper
Lunchbox mix (mixed mini bells: red and yellow)

Flavorburst pepper


Also see mixy pumpkin patch option above.

New England Pie (standard pie)
Baby Bear (mini pumpkin, great for kids & centerpieces)
Valenciano (a beautiful white pumpkin, grows to 10-15 pounds, great for pies AND decorating)
Kakai (gorgeous medium-small pumpkin with deep green stripes)
Rouge Vif D'Etampes (large heirloom, gorgeous red, great for soup & decor, stores well)

Summer Squash, Zucchini, and Patty Pan

Also see squash patch mixed pack option above.

Yellow crookneck summer squash
Zephyr summer squash (straight with green tip)
Standard green zucchini
Patty pan squash, scalloped shaped, variable yellow and green


Green tomatillo
Purple tomatillo

Winter Squash

Acorn Squash
Delicata Squash
Butternut Squash
Sunshine Kabocha
Spaghetti Squash

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!!!

And see also our selection of mixed packs, above, great for small gardens and for exploring new varieites.

Cherry Tomatoes

Super Sweet 100 cherry (red)
Sungold cherry (orange)
Purple Bumblebee cherry (mahogny flesh and lime green striping)
Black Cherry (purple, like a mini Cherokee Purple)
Dr. Carolyn (heirloom pale yellow, super flavorful)
Snow White cherry (ivory/pale yellow)
Isis Candy cherry (bi-color rose-red and yellow-gold)
Snow White cherry (ivory/pale yellow)
Green Zebra Cherry tomato (striped green & yellow)


Grape Tomatoes

Red Pearl (prolific, elognated fruits)
Ildi (yellow grape)
Rosalita (pink grape)
Brad's Atomic Grape (sweet and beautiful: lavender and purple stripes ripen to technicolor olive-green, red, and brown/blue stripes)


Paste Tomatoes

San Marzano (the classic red paste with rich flavor for sauce)
Pink Icicle (beautiful pink fleshed paste tomato)
Orange Icicle (glowing orange heirloom great for salsa and orange ketchup!)
Green Sausage (green with yellow stripes, sweet flavor, great for green salsa!)

"Big" Tomatoes (larger fruited, slicing tomatoes)

Within each color group, varieties appear in the order of maturity, from earliest to latest.  

Red "Big" Tomatoes

Big Beef (standard hybrid red slicer, early producer)
Pantano Romanesco (an early-side red heirloom, large slicer with rich flavor)

Box Car Willie (prolific, medium-sized, with old fashioned heirloom flavor)

Mortgage Lifter (high yielding, large heirloom with mild sweet flavor)
Nepal (medium sized heirloom red slicer)

Pink "Big" Tomatoes

Pruden's Purple (smaller, earlier pink tomato--like an early Brandywine)
Brandywine (classic heirloom taste, deep pink skin & flesh, large slicer)
German Johnson (high yielding, medium-large slicer)
Rose de Berne (swiss heirloom, great sandwich tomato)
Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye (dark pink with green striping, DELICIOUS!)
German Pink (late season OG heirloom, high yielding with versatile large fruit)

Black "Big" Tomatoes

Black Krim (medium sized, rich flavor, dark maroon skin)
Cherokee Purple (old variety, medium large, with dusky rose skin and crimson interior)
Black Prince (well suited for northern climates, small-bodies tomato good for containers)
Carbon (award winning for taste, one of the darkest black tomatoes, high yielding)
Black from Tula (full flavored, chocolate-brown flesh, large flattened fruits)
Paul Robeson (late season, mahogany fruit with green shoulders, medium sized tomato with balanced sweet/acidic flavor)

Yellow "Big" Tomatoes

Valencia  (prolific; medium, bright orange fruits)
Striped German (bicolor red-and-yellow fruit. Flat, medium-to-large tomatoes)
Yellow Brandywine (large golden-yellow beefsteak weighing up to two pounds. Juicy, apricot-colored flesh with robust flavor)
Ananas Noir (Gorgeous fruits average 1 to 1.5 pounds, dark purple and green with pink-red splotches and green flesh streaked with pink!)
Great White (beautiful, large white beefsteak with heavy foliage)
Copia (Large fruits with fine golden yellow and red stripes, gold flesh streaked with red, very juicy and sweet)

Green "Big" Tomatoes

Green Zebra (the ever popular cocktail sized tomato, striped yellow/reddish with green flesh)
Cherokee Green (a cousin of Cherokee Purple, medium fruits green flesh, yellow striping)
Aunt Ruby's German Green (classic heirloom, large green beefsteak with neon green flesh)




Aster, Tower Custom Mix  aka Summer Aster (peony-style blooms, yellow, white, red, violet, silver, blue, rose, pink, and salmon)
Aster, Bonita Shells Pink

Bachelor's Button (Centaurea)

Choice Mix (pink, blue, purple, white)
Classic Magic (double and semi-double purple and black blooms)


Borage (prolific long blooming plants with delicate edible blue flowers; attracts bees and butterflies)


Flashback Mix (oranges, pinks, browns)
Orange Button
Playtime Mix (Long season mix, pastels to bright pinks & oranges, single, semi-double & double blooms)


Pampas Plume (soft, feathery, 2–6" long plumes in scarlet, orange, bright yellow. Multi-branching. Good for bouquet filling).


Double Click Mix (pinks, purples, white double blooms)
Double Click Violet Bi-color (white & violet double and semi double blooms)
Sensation Mix (classic cosmos, pinks, purples, whites)
Rubenza (deep cranberry, dusty rose)
Fizzy Rose Picotee (pale pink semi double blooms with deep purple picotee)

Fizzy rose picotee cosmos


Red Gem (small scented edible bloom)
Lemon Gem  (small scented edible bloom)
Tangerine Gem (small scented edible bloom(
Queen Sophia (larger bloom, pull edible petals apart)
Durango Outback Mix (early blooming, abundant, yellows, golds, reds)
Giant Orange (Large, 3 inch blooms on long stems)

Nasturtium (edible petals)

Jewel Mix (classic colorful mix)
Empress of India (deep reds, maroons) 
Bloody Mary Mix (dark red, coral red, cream, and unique bicolors) 
Trailing Nasturtium (rose, orange, yellow, great for hanging & patio containers)


Nigella, Love-in-a-Mist (sweet pastel pinks, blues, yellows, heirloom fav for dried flowers)


Pincushion Formula Mix (delicate blues, pinks, and white)


Mexican sunflower (tithonia)
Moulin Rouge (red/maroon faces pollenless, branching)
Ring of Fire (bi-color with rich autumn colors, minimal pollen)
Gold Rush (early blooming, prolific, golden orange with chocolate disk)
Sunrich Orange (bright yellow, single stem, pollenless)
Starburst Greenburst (early double blooms, green centers, pollenless)
Autumn Beauty Mix (branching variety, range of fall colors from bright yellow to purple)
Big Smile (dwarf for small beds and containers, classic face) 
Teddy Bear (a fav among chiildren, dwarf bright yellow double blooms)


Teddy Bear Sunflower


Jazzy Mix (small double blooms, burgundy red, red, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips)
Cactus  Mix (full size blooms, orange, red, peach, yellow, white, quilled petals)
Senora (Double and semi double salmon pink blooms)
Benary's Giant Mix (large blooms)


Senora Zinnia