You will also find our plants at the Berkshire Co-op Market and at the North Plain Farm store on Rt. 41 in Housatonic, starting in late April.


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Picking up pre-orders or redeeming gift certificates at the farm


Memorial Day Sale at the farm--more more more!

Collections/Variety Packs

Heirloom Collections

Mixed 4-packs, designed to represent a variety of color and maturity time

LOOM 1: Mexico (big pink), Morado (big purple), Big Rainbow (large bi-colored yellow), Aunt Ruby’s German Green (large green)
LOOM 2: Rose (medium pink), Paul Robeson (medium purple), Big Rainbow (large bi-colored yellow), Green Copia (gorgeous bi-color green)
LOOM 3: Valencia (medium orangey-yellow), Malakite (early large green), Great White (large pale yellow), Cherokee Purple (medium purple)
LOOM 4: Gold Medal (medium bi-color yellow), Box Car Willie (large red),  Black Krim (medium purple), Green Copia (gorgeous bi-color green)

Grape Tomato Collections

These sweet little guys are so beautiful and so tasty!  You can’t plant just one (color)!

GRAPE 1: Chiquita (pink), Chocolate Pear (purple), Kumquat (orange), Green Envy (green)

Paste Tomato Collections

Try something new to go along with your San Marzanos!

PASTE 1: Orange Banana, Amish Paste, Power Heirloom (yellow), Green Sausage
PASTE 2: San Marzano, Orange Banana, Black Icicle (purple), Pink Icicle 

Cherry Tomato Collections

Farm Girl Farm grows a large variety of cherry tomatoes of every conceivable color and taste–we call the mix the “Gumball Mix.”  Grown your own gumballs with these mixed 4-packs.

GUMBALL 1: White Cherry, Purple Bumblebee, Red Pear, Green Grape

GUMBALL 2: Brown Berry, Pink Vernissage, Sun Sugar, Super Sweet 100

GUMBALL 3: Sungold, Black Cherry, Pink Bumblebee, Yellow Pear
GUMBALL 4: Black Cherry, Sungold, Snow White, Frosted Green Doctor

Cocktail Tomato Collections

These are small heirlooms, also knows as “salad tomatoes” (or baby heirlooms), because they are they perfect size to slice into a salad while maintaining the shape of the tomato.

COCKTAIL 1: Violet Jasper (black striped), Nebraska Wedding orange), Sweet Carneros Pink, Tigerella (red/yellow striped)

COCKTAIL 2: Black Zebra, Topaz (yellow with green flecks), Pink Ping Pong, Lime Green Salad


Beet salad (mixed 4-varieties/colors)


Bean salad (mixed 3 varieties green, purple, yellow)
Green beans

Bok Choy

Baby red choi
Baby green choi
Mixed red and green



Brussels Sprouts

Purple sprouts--smaller "fruits", plants very gorgeous in garden
Mixed purple and standard green sprouts


Green cabbage

Red cabbage

Mixed red and green cabbage


White Cauliflower

Purple Cauliflower

Orange Cauliflower
Mixy Cauliflower




Bright lights swiss chard (multicolor)


Standard smooth-leaf collards


Cuke salad (Mixed: green slicers, blonde heirlooms)
Green slicer cukes for fresh eating
Salt & Pepper blonde cuke for eating or pickling
Lemon cukes (round blonde cuke for eating or pickling)
Pickling cukes (standard small green picklers)


Mixed Asian (long skinny types mixed purple, pink, green, white)
Asian standard eggplant (purple)
Italian standard (large purple fruits)
Italian white (large white fruits)
Fancy italian mix (heirlooms, soft-ball sized fruits, some stripey)
Baby egggplant mix (small, purple, green, white stripey mixy, heirlooms from southeast asia)


Genovese (green-leaf italian)
Opal (purple-leaf italian)
Thai basil (green/purple leaves excellent for seasoning stir fry or cocktails)
Lemon basil
Mixy 4-pack basil garden 

Other Culinary Herbs

Bronze and green fennel (leaf fennel for seasoning salads, fish, chicken, does not bulb)



Green curly kale
Red curly kale

Red russian kale (flatter leaf with purple veins)

Lacinato (aka "dinosaur kale") 

Rainbow lacinato kale (red veined, beautiful)
Kale salad mixy 4-pack



Mixy 4-packs (mixed variety head lettuce)
Green leaf lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Red butterhead



Canteloupe type
Pink watermelon
Yellow watermelon
Mixy melons (2 watermelon, 1 honeydew,  1 canteloupe)


Yellow Onions
Red Onions
White onions


White scallions
Purple scallions

Peppers, Hot

Thai Chiles
Bulgarian Carrot Chiles
Purple Jalepenos
Cherry peppers
Shishitos (technically hot but only 1 in 20 is hot, the rest are mild--great for grilling!)

Peppers, Sweet

Red bell peppers
Orange bell peppers
Chocolate bell peppers
Purple bell peppers
Yelllow bell peppers
Mixy 4-pack pepper garden including red, orange or yellow, chocolate and purple
Jimmy Nardello frying pepper
Cubanelle frying pepper


New England Pie (standard pie)
129-pound pumpkin (Farmer Dan's heirlloom)
Musique de Provence (French heirloom--ribbed, flattish tan fruits like Long Island Cheese)
Rouge Vif D'etampes (French heirloom, like a red cheese-wheel, for display and eating)
Mixy 4-pack pumpkin patch 

Summer Squash

Patty pan squash (scalloped shape) Sunburst 
Yellow crookneck summer squash
Zephyr summer squash (straight with green tip)


Standard green zucchini
Stripey green zucchini
Costata romanesca (Italian heirloom, large fruit, stripey)
Mixy 4-pack squash garden (Zucchini, summer squash, patty pan)


Green tomatillo
Purple tomatillo
Mixy green and purple tomatillo

Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes!!!

Grape Tomatoes

Red Pearl
Golden Sweet (yellow)

Nova (orange)

Rojita (pink)
Black Mauri (purple)
Green Envy (green!)

Paste Tomatoes

Red Paste Tomatoes

Amish Paste

San Marzano
Speckled Roman (striped)

Pinks Paste Tomatoes

Pink Icicle
Porter Pink

Orange Paste Tomatoes

Orange Banana
Orange Icicle

Yellow Paste Tomatoes

Yellow Icicle
Powers Heirloom
Blush (pink & yellow)

Black Paste Tomatoes

Black Plum (small fruited)
Black Icicle
Purple Russian

Greens Paste Tomatoes

Green Sausage

Cherry Tomatoes

Red Cherry Tomatoes

Super Sweet 100
Red Robin (for containers)

Orange Cherry Tomatoes

Sun Gold 
Sun Sugar ( like Sun Gold but more crack resistant in wet summers)

Striped Cherry Tomatoes

Pink Bumble Bee

Sunrise Bumble Bee

Purple Bumble Bee
Zebra Cherry
Green Zebra Cherry

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry
Brown Berry
Indigo Blueberry
Chocolate Cherry

Pink Cherry Tomatoes

Pearly Pink

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

Yellow Mini
Dr. Carolyn
Gold Nugget

White Cherry Tomatoes

White Cherry
Snow White

Pear Cherry Tomatoes

Purple Pear
Chocolate Pear
Red Pear
Yellow Pear
Mint Julep (green striped!)

Green Cherry Tomatoes

Frosted Green Doctors'

Lucky Tiger

Green Grape

Cocktail Tomatoes (aka Salad Tomatoes or Baby Heirlooms) 

Sweet Carneros Pink
Tigerella (red/yellow striped)
Violet Jasper (purple)
Black Zebra
Topaz (yellow/green striped)
Jaune Flamme (yellow w pink flesh)
Garden Peach (yellow and fuzzy!)
Matina (red)
Nyagous (purple)
Nebraska Wedding (orange)
Pink Ping Pong
Lime Green Salad
Stupice (red)

"Big" Tomatoes (larger fruited, slicing tomatoes)

Within each color group, varieties appear in the order of maturity, from earliest to latest.  Someday I'll have photos and descriptions in here, but until then, if you are unfamiliar with a variiety, and curious, use the wonderful google to acquaint yourself.  There is tons of information out there about these beautiful fruits.

Red "Big" Tomatoes

Big Beef

Box Car Willie

Mortgage Lifter


Pink "Big" Tomatoes

Chef's Choice Pink
Rose de Berne
Russian Rose
German Giant
Red Rose
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye

Black "Big" Tomatoes

Pruden's Purple
Cherokee Purple
Black Prince
Cherokee Chocolate
Paul Robeson
Black Krim
Black from Tula
Black Brandywine

Yellow "Big" Tomatoes

Striped German
Solar Flare
Pork Chop
Indian Moon
Great White
Gold Medal
Ananas Noir (staff fav!)
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Big Rainbow
Livingston's Golden Queen
Yellow Brandywine
Janet's Jewel

Green "Big" Tomatoes

Malakhitovaya Shatulka 
Green Zebra
Green Berkely Tie-die
Green Copia
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Emerald Evergreen
Big Zebra




Flashback Mix
Princess Mix



Double Click Mix
Sensation Mix



Red Gem (small scented edible bloom)
Lemon Gem  (small scented edible bloom)
Tangerine Gem (small scented edible bloom(
Queen Sophia (larger bloom, pull edible petals apart)
Sparky Mix (larger bloom, pull edible petals apart)



Jewel Mix
Empress of India 


Mexican sunflower (tithonia)
Moulin Rouge (red/maroon faces)
Autumn Beauty
Holiday (the classic yellow/orange)
Sunny Smile (dwarf)


Jazzy Mix (small blooms)
Cactus Bright Mix (full size blooms)
Lime (full size blooms)
Benary's Giant Mix (large blooms)