The Berkshire Edge: Culinary Adventures: Laura Meister’s Farm Girl Farm

Submitted by Farm Girl Farm on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 12:00

Laura Meister, owner of Farm Girl Farm is beginning her 11th season as a farmer. She started out on Pumpkin Hollow Road in Egremont and farmed there for eight years before moving to the four acres she now farms at Equinox Farm in Sheffield.

Meister and Equinox Farm’s owner Ted Dobson share many customers. Dobson, who specializes in baby salad greens, is on the road in his van every day delivering. “It made sense for us to double up, particularly since I don’t grow baby greens like Ted does,” she says.

At Farm Girl Farm, Meister grows a wide spectrum of vegetables that can flourish in New England. Her specialty is tomatoes, particularly heirloom varieties, along with eggplant and peppers. She likes to find vegetables with different colors, shapes and sizes. “I enjoy that mix of things rather than just finding that one tomato that really works,” she says, noting that it is rare that anything is totally a failure. “That’s the point of diversity,” she reminds me.