Seedlings are back for 2021! Yippee! 



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March, 2021

As winter and spring fight it out for center stage (spoiler alert: spring wins), I'm getting the first seeds into soil, wrapping up all my winter projects so I can give the greenhouse my undivided attention, and busily updating the list of available seedlings so you can dream your garden into reality. 

Returning customers know that 2020 was a seedling season of unprecedented challenges and unprecedented joy--the fruits of our labor were munched and crunched not only in your gardens but in healthy food priority gardens as far away as Boston. We could not have dreamed of more community support and I daresay the seedlings felt the love and duly did their best for all of us.

Here's to another season of shining beauty and abundance started here and grown by you. This is something we can do!


PS Ah yes, "Where's Sophie?" She is now in school full time, not officially involved in the seedlings this season--but you may yet see her face at NPF pitching in around the farm.





April, 2020

Laura has been scratching around in the soil here in the Berkshires since 2003, when she founded Farm Girl Farm, growing vegetables for a CSA, local shops, and for the incredibly talented and passionate chefs in Berkshire County.

She developed a robust seedling program at Farm Girl Farm, delighting in tales of her customer’s amazing yields all season long! 

But then!  All that was put on hold when she turned her attention full-time to growing another little sprout—her baby, Adeline! 

Loyal customers of FGF anticipated the return of their favorite Farm Girls in 2021. But in light of the current extraordinary circumstances, Laura realized there was a big big need in the community that FGF could fill. So her first call was to Sophie.

Sophie discovered she had the gift of growing as she found herself bringing millions of plants to life in the propagation greenhouse at FGF during a one-year break from college. Entirely smitten by tiny plant life, she put off school for another season and another. Now slated to return to her studies in fall 2020, she couldn’t resist putting her Carhartts back on and working one more greenhouse miracle to make a universe of plants for this community.

And here’s where our friends came in. Sean and Tess of North Plain Farm said a quick yes to hosting FGF again. Eric Brenner woke up the website, pronto. A lifelong friend chipped in for some potting soil. Jeremy and Kyle built a beautiful new seeding bench in no time flat. And so, Farm Girl Seedlings 2020 was born with a speedy delivery!

We just could not NOT do it. To be sure, it has been a challenge to jump into the greenhouse so close to growing season. With seed scarcity, shipping delays, and a cold slow spring, (not to mention social distancing logistics and a toddler in tow) we are dancing the crazy dance.  But we’re doing it. Because now more than ever, the bottom line is as it has always been:  putting seeds in soil means putting food on tables. And if we were not putting seeds in soil, neither of us would be able to sleep at night.

From reducing food insecurity, to providing a path to personal and environmental renewal—it is our honor to be part of your efforts in this uncertain time.

Sincerely, Laura and Sophie